Dominic had not been out all year in Iame cadet, after his auntie died suddenly it effected Dom for a long time, so we sold all his karting engine and chassis basically everything. However we started testing mini max with RandL and tooley motorsport around June this year but did not race.

Dominic decided he wanted to have one last crack at the London Cup at rye house before we turned to mini max. With borrowed chassis from fusion and borrowed engine from Ricky grice off we went. He managed a fantastic 2nd to Reggie Dughy and got fastest lap in the final.

Will we miss cadet? hell no, especially since there seems to be a lot of rumours around fuel at the moment. But for Dom it was a great end to his cadet racing with 35 trophies or so stacked up in his room an NKRA north region championship a couple of pf wins shennington wins rye house wins and 3rd and 2nd at London cup basically on podium at every track and to be honest we never went trophy hunting like some, we always but Dom in the hardest racing against the best kids in the country. We could have made his trophy tally alot higher by doing the kimboltons and shenny meetings all season but it was superone all the way for us. If you want to be the best you have to ravce the best.

So looking back it has been hard expensive and in cadet very political, it probably holds the most ridiculous racing dads in the whole world and at times I was definatley one of those dads as well. I have made some great friends in cadet not just the dads but the drivers as well. Some of the kids we have raced with are fabulous and we cant wait to race against them in the bigger classes. I wish the drivers staying in cadet this year all the best of luck of course I have my favourites and fingers crossed that they become British champ what an acheivement for them. For us no number but we have had our ups and downs.

One last thing I do hope that this fuel in cadet gets sorted for 2 reasons its not fair if the officials are wrong and the competitor can not afford the appeal so is guilty in the eyes of everyone as may be the case with a recent driver. This,
 are they, arent they cheating always leaves a hoorible taste in your mouth as no one wants to get beaten by a cheat. So the msa and superone need to work hard this year to get rid of that doubt, especially since everyone is working so hard to compete. If they do not and in 3 years from now they find away to identify the additive they may or not be using then how bad is that on the drivers who came second third etc the previous years. I suppose it will all come out in the wash but the damage is done. They can not hide behind health and safety they need to invest to make the competiton fair to all. At no time will this matter be resolved unless they feel the problem is that bad to do something about it. If they do not then hay I suppose the only answer would be to go with a team you think might be up to it and jump on the band waggon of we may not be able to drive well but F**k we are fast and winning.

Good luck to all next season and stay legal that way you can hold your head up high always.