After a long discussion with Peter Dom's driver coach Peter has decided that he will not be going forward with us this year.
Peter has been fantastic and we are all really good friends. Dom is of course a little upset as he will miss Peter by his side, but he understands that Peter does have a life outside of Karting. He knows that Peter has a very important full time Job and that he just got married to Clair. We will always stay in touch with Peter and Dom is still working with John at Driver Performance at Prodrive so I am sure he won't be to far behind in Dom's progress.

As for us this will be Dom's first weekend since last year, although Dom is really up for it he has not been in the kart much since we got back from Thailand due to my long drawn out attack of Gout. We are going to go this weekend with no pressure on Dom's little shoulders and he will of course do his best, but with a full diary of testing and racing planned before the start of this season I am sure this weekend will be the stepping stone to a good season. The loss of Peter will be big but we have learnt alot from Peter and we are sure with what he has already taught Dom will stand him in good steed.

It will be slippery cold and wet all the conditions Dom is not keen on this weekend and going to a track we do not race at much. But with all the top drivers in the country there we will be able to gauge were Dom is. With engines looking good and Carbs tested on our old settings we are hopeful he will enjoy this weekend. A big thank you to Chris Rodgers this weekend for giving us some awning space which means we did not have to sort out our big awning etc. We only found out end of this week that fusion were going but we had already spoken to Chris as we believed Fusion were at Rowrath.

We have not left Fusion but have agreed that we will see how Dom is as it was not great at the end of last year after his Auntie had passed away. It will be great to see everyone at the track we feel like we have not seen them for ages.