Dominic was racing at the prestigous East Anglian Trophy event at Kimbolton with some of the best karters in the country
this weekend.
WOW WOW WOW WOW to the lap times I say again WOW to the lap times. Against some of the best,at most Dom was only 6-7 tenths off the pace. Only 3 tenths of the pace of his young team mate Cayden McQueen who finnished 3rd on Saturday and is normally a second and a half faster than Dom. He was only 1 hundreth from his older Team mate Josh Simms and out of 21 drivers on the grid Dominic who was by far the youngest smallest and by far the least experienced driver in the field was 12 fastest on lap times alone.

Saturday we witnessed Dominic Qualify 16th on the grid which was pretty good as Dominic does seem to start slow. He finnished the race in 13th infront of Team mates Josh Leonardo and Eddy.He went from 16th to last after a very poor start but got his 16th place back after the second lap with some really fast lap times. He took team mate leonardo down the straight and held his line through the chicane. He then went on to take team mate Eddy and the number 22 kart took the number 54 Kart. After a bit of an incident infront he passed the next 4 of them involved. The pre final he was 13th on the grid but finnished16th. He had a really good start but got pushed over and off the track at the first corner, he kept his head but got pushed wide again on the second corner, he battled and battled got back up to 12th and them team mate Eddy cut across Dom at kimbolton corner and put Dom off back to 19th. with 5 laps to go Dominic found himself behind Team mate Josh who had also been taken out. Watching them working together putting in faster and faster laps catching up with the back runners who got away from them after being knocked off was fantastic. They overtook Leonardo and the number 22 Kart. They caught Eddy and the number 21 kart Josh did not hesitate to overtake.Dom was wary of Eddy and stayed behind him. The final Dom finnished 17th after a long day he managed to come home again the 3rd fastest in the team a good day.

Sunday again qualifying 16th for the first heat again all day fantastic lap times but lack of top class racing experience showed.
Dominic had a terrible start and got pushed and knocked about all over the place, I explained that the boys around him are all trying to get past and move up that's what he needs to do. He put in great lap times again but finnished 16th for the pre final. pre final on the grid we spoke about getting a good start and being strong holding his line. Yes he said he was up for it, but as I watched him come round the first corner he was dead last and was already almost a corner behind as he went wide again at the start. he caught them up within 4 laps but did not make any attempts to overtake and finnished dead last.
I was gutted for him he had drove so fast all weekend it looked like he was going to finnish last on the sunday all because of his bad starts and lack of racing experience. I took him to the van and in a fathers way explained the meaning of life. i showed him how quick he was and that if he just had the lets say bigger jangles he would finish top 12.
He had nothing to lose his start was fantastic by the first corne he was in 15th but the chicane he was in 9th place and flying just behind team mate Cayden he was racing with the top 10 and holding his own, then Sam Neale number 54 just launched Dom off the track. The officials all reported it but done nothing about it. I was gutted for him. Bless him he got it back on the track and was now last a couple of incidents infront saw Dom get up to 18th then he guned down the number 22 and 21 Karts he caught 22 but he just blocked and blocked Dom, he weaved all over the track dangerously Dom tried up the inside but the kid pushed him over, Dom tried a nigel mansel move dummy up the outside then back up the inside but 22 blocked him. This went on for a frustrating 5 laps which allowed 21 74 and 54 to get away at best Dom could only get 16th he finished 17th but did grow some Jangles in the final.

looking at the times that the Brittish Championship Drivers in comer cadet were doing in the same conditions Dom's times are close. Thats not bad for the most inexperienced driver on the circuit, in 6 months who knows how good Dom will be. One thing I would like to say is that Both Josh Simms and Keaton who drivers for the Zip team in the Honda Cadet class
helped Dominic so much what a great couple of kids they are.