Motorsport is a massive stage, from formula one, down to karting. Karting is also a massive stage, from the arrive and drive to the pinnacle of Karting the British Championships. When looking at the worlds top drivers a huge majority start their careers from the Karting stage. Not only my son Dominic Bush but drivers like Sean Butcher, Cayden Mcqueen, Albert Carter, Leonardo Panayiotou, Joe Turney, to mention just a few, are this countries young hopefuls.

This year will see Dominic competing in the pinnacle championship the British Iame Cadet Championships, organised and run by the Super One Series. Some of the drivers ,mentioned above will also be competing alongside Dominic. Karting will now become much more important for Dominic who will be in his Rookie year. Other drivers like Johny Edgar who is just 4 days older than Dominic competed last year, he was obviously more ready than Dom so Johny must be our yard stick so to speak, he is a nice kid and I have meet his Dad and Grandad,all I would say is that Dominic must be competing with Johny who has also shown so much early promise. This Championship is the biggest national stage that wonabe future stars aged 8-13 can compete in. To be able to compete at this level takes dedication skill and a lot of guts from basically young Boys and Girls. Drivers like last years winner Dean Mcdonald who has moved up in class will always have their names on the lips of big teams, simply because to win such a title is not an easy thing to do. Most British cadet champions go forward and become professional drivers. So it is safe to say that future stars of motorsport will come from this class and championship.

Dominic has a massive task infront of him, he is determined to become British Champion in the next 3 years, we know how difficult that will be with so many great drivers around at present and of course some we have not heard of yet. But we feel that it is possible. Dominic Bush Future F1 driver well that is his ultimate goal but realistically he will have to really shine as our budget can only stretch so far. I can not afford a few million a year to take to a team in F1 to give him a shot, so if he is to end up in F1 he will need to rely on sponsorship and scholarships based on his results.

This year we will concentrate on learning the ropes, when up against the best you will need to learn all the tricks of the trade, with our intention of moving Dom from most possibly the back of the grid to the middle, looking the following year to become a top 15 driver so there for a seeded driver, moving to the third year of really competing for the title. You never know during that time Dom may grow to big to compete so we shall see.