Dom has a big problem since his crash, the realistic truth is maybe no competitive racing next year if this carries on!!!!!

lost his confidence since the big crash when overtaking slower karts.especially in to tight corners.

Can not win races if he doesn't overtake.
Will put him a year behind the other kids his age who are overtaking.
Will destroy him if he keeps coming last because he wont overtake.
Confidence will drop even further the more time he is around slower karts who skid often.
Will become more frustrated with himself the more often this happens
Will lose his dream,

How we intend to resolve the problem
We need to tell him that he is the best out there at overtaking when he does it.
We need to tell him that overtaking wins races and he is the best at it.
we need to find away that he can overcome this lack of confidence on his own.
He needs to be shown that if he follows slow kids around the track how that effects his lap times.he then needs to have the courage to fight for his dream. If as he has shown before wants to fight for his dream this is what I propose.

He is now at a critical stage in his Karting, we only have 5 or 6 weeks to make something happen for him. Basically it needs to click and needs to click soon. If it doesn't click, then the chance of racing the top level will be another year off. Which would mean the kids his age who have already clicked will be at least a years worth of experience up on him.

We have a plan that I will take him out on the track with me, and encourage him to overtake me on the inside going into tight corners. Show him how to do it safely. I have also asked Simon at the Kart shop at Buckmore to do the same next week. The more he does it the more he will understand and the more his confidence will grow. He was very sad with him self Monday at Pf, he refused for what ever reason to try and do what we asked him to do, he just needed to do it once, I'm sure that would have made a great move forward. We will keep him in the seat 3-4 times a week until the summer is over and see how it has gone.

i will not make anymore posts until the end of summer unless something dramatic happens.

I wish Dom luck with this plan we have come up with.