Dominic has the new Engine and had the benefit of testing the new IAME engine this weekend, both myself and Dom were impressed with the new engine and carb. It seems to be alot better out of corners with the basic rule of using 6 teath less on the gearing.

We  had a little problem with the Carb, using the knowldge of the tryton carb I went to work and using the same principles in a matter of minutes had the situation under control fantastic engine and carb.

Dom said this, " I like it, it looks better and even though it is a bit slower than the Comer it feels alot faster, especially out of corners." I do not think this engine will be slower on tight tracks than the comer it will probably be faster we will have to wait and see."
We both loved it, now the decission is to run the IAME next year in the little Green Man Championship and the Super One British Championships. We will have to speak to Luke at Zip to see the way forward but I fear that we will be on our own when it comes to running him in this class, I will totally understand Luke if that is the case, we also do not know how this class will take off either, the grids may be small and the comer grids still very big.  If we move teams then it will be a shame as Luke is a great Bloke but if we are going to race then the Top Class is what we are going to race in.
I already know that the drivers in the Allstars Team are staying with Comer next season as we will also do some Comer racing with them but our main focus is the IAME .