I think John Hoyle from superone should be commended for taking a gamble this round on trying a standing start, with most of the paddock in two minds on if it would work or not he was under a bit of pressure to show it could work and work better.

Talking to most of the drivers over the weekend they all really enjoyed it as it was more like Formula One. Talking to the mothers they all preferred it as there were almost zero first bend incidents unlike the rolling starts.

Before we went to Rowrah Lisa showed me the discussion on facebook regarding peoples views. Some believed it was better and some believed it would produce a bunch of namby pamby drivers in the future, and the kids who then go on to Europe will be lost with the rolling starts, That is a fair point but the saying has always been you cant win the race at the first corner but you can lose it, that to me is true. So with that in mind surely it makes the class more interesting throughout the race, thinking about it logically, because the standing starts reduce the incidents at the first corner that means more contenders are still left in the race, which then produces better racing. They still have to make gutsy moves on the brakes to overtake, so not sure they could be classed as namby pamby drivers. I think that this will be the way forward especially at tracks like PF where already the fast first bend under the bridge has claimed a variety of victims in all classes, it wont be long before we see a serious incident at that corner if the rolling starts are still adopted at that track.
The one thing I noticed about the standing starts was how easy everyone slipped into line no one got loaded up like they do in the rolling start and the race started pretty much in cinc.

If we want the sport to grow and produce more winning drivers in the future from this country I think that would help not to put off the younger drivers at the start of their racing careers. Don't forget the only reason we have had rolling starts is because of the direct drive and the fact that the old class of cadet would most definately oil up on the grid leaving it ridiculous to install a standing start. This weekend only one Iame oiled up and that was Taylor Barnard who was working alongside us. Yes it was not a good result for little Taylor but is was a lesson learnt I think on choice of plugs. I also think that it will encourage people to decide if they should put a new clean plug in or keep the same one in they raced on all weekend. 

The facts are simple does anybody really want to see young kids get hurt racing, I am sure the answer for most people would be "of Course not". If it was your son or daughter that got hurt due to a rolling start would you not wonder why precautions to prevent that were never put in place. I also bet that if it was your son or daughter who got hurt from an incident you would of wished you supported a standing start rather than a rolling start. To m,e it makes sense they lose no race craft it just slows the corner down and reduces the risk of a accident makes racing the whole race more interesting, of course we like watching a pile up is good to watch but not at the expense of injury. 

Thats why I support it and say John Hoyle should be commended for his efforts, I hope the MSA see the figures I did not remember one red flag this weekend which is fantastic especially at this level. So on a safety issue the MSA should encourage this to be the way forward.