What can I say first I want to congratulate Harry Thompson for wining the Honda Final.
Harry is a little superstar and at the tender age of 9 he is showing he is a real contender for the Honda Superone series this year even in his rookie year, well done mate fantastic.

Dominic was a little slow getting going but finally showed in 3rd session of testing he was fast, the carb went down on the 4th session so a rebuild was required.We decided to bolt his other top carb on for time qualifying and he was motoring but he did not get a clear lap in and his normal qualifying pace did not come through. again Dom was not sticking to the instructions and got caught up in traffic that he had to get through, when he got past and looked to be catching mario he made a mistake and off the track he went. This put all the kids he had just past back infront and again he had to do it all again. After battling for what seemed to be ages in a lap that looked quicker instead of crossing the line he then waited for the faster drivers, he made another mistake which messed the next lap up and it was over qualifying pretty bad for dom at just 18th fastest.

This put Dom in 16th on the grid for the prefinal only top 15 would make it straight through to the A. He drove fantastic great start and overtook as much as he could, he finnished 13th so A final but the kart did not look as sharp. Now we had changed the mixture on saturday and on Sunday once we looked at the data we could see it was not right but in all honesty the conditions did not warrant a big change to the carb and we found that we had to change it alot to get what we look for.
I stripped carb and it was like the carb from the day before so obviously a fuel issue.

For the final we went on the rebuilt carb from the day before not tested on track and he had a starting issue. the carb was a little to rich to late jack got him going of he went. However the race was red flagged and the restart everyone was put in the original grid positions. Dom for the second final at PF on the trot backed way off to the back of the grid and never got going.

So some great driving from Dom but a bad result finishing 24th in the A final. If Dom turns up in the right frame of mind he can really give them a run for their money but if he goes to the grid with nervs like he has done last PF he may aswell just go home. The carb in the final was fine a little richer but not enough to slow him down as much as it did, that was all Dom, if he really wants to become a racing driver then he needs to man up or stop racing if he cant man up.

Dom this is to you Son today is the 3rd Of Febuary 2014, it is just short of 2 weeks to your tenth Birthday. When you are older say 18 look back at this and you will of either dealt with your fear or not. If you did not I have tried so many times to help you, and it will mean that you just could not bring yourself to find the courage to do it. If you then take that attitude forward in your adult life I am affraid that you will accomplish very little. You see Dom you will come across all sorts of people in life some that scare you others who are friends and some that make out your their freind but are not, on this point you must be confident that you can deal with any situation that is thrown at you and you must fight to win at every obstacle put in your way. It is the fighting to win that is far more important than winning. When you fight to win no matter the outcome you can hold your head up high
and that is good for your self esteem. We are a long time dead, so what really matters is how you go about life.
you have two choices you can attack life or just go along with it. Remember what I told you about meaningfull specifics and wandering generalalities. It is your choice which one you decide to be. But understand that one makes life more of a battle than the other, but people who accomplish great things are prepared for it to be a battle where others prepare for what is safe. Being safe will acheive just that a safe life. However I know that at this time in life you are young and it is hard for me to judge the outcome for the future, I know you have got it in you and time is on our side for the moment. I do hope you chose to be a meaningfull specific, it is far more fun and you deserve it as many of your competitors do as well. It takes a special kid to drive at the speeds you kids do at such a tender age, but this is your last obstacle, now is the time to fight for that every inch, now Dom I believe in you, as does everyone else. When you believe in yourself, the way we believe in you, then and only then, will the true Dom turn up, the Dom that can take the bull by the horns and fight for every inch on the track, remeber all those inches add up to yards that is what you need to fight for you can do it mate you really can But it is now you need to step up. I know it can be hard, I now it will make you uncomfortable, but you only need to feel like that once, when you have done it once it will become easier and easier each time until it becomes normal. Just once Dom remeber what I taught you Fake it to you make it, it's easy you can do it. Your half way there now, have faith in yourself, look where you started and look where you are now. You have created something from nothing just think what you could do if you started with something. Well right now mate you are starting with something.

love you Dad xx