lets be honest here the only reason cheating happens is because the cheaters think they can get away with it. To a degree they can, but they can not pull the wall over the more experienced scruteeners or the more proffesional teams.Does that mean that these cheaters look for club meetings with weak scruteeners? of course they do is the answer you never see cheaters at meetings were the top people are because they simply wont get away with it. What needs to be done is a strict approach by the clubs. They need only to start checking for things at every meeting and hey presto the cheating will stop. Until that happens these cheaters will remain cheating, they stand out in the crowd because they are always at the same club meetings until the top drivers in the country turn up. Why because litle Johnny who's dad is pressurising the tank or painting the tyres or adding some model aircraft fuel or someone even told me proxide  or not correctly fitting the restrictors or simply machining the engine cant be seen to be faster than the top boys it will stand out like a saw thumb. If they do turn up as some have in the past, little Johnny seems to have a really bad weekend and is  2 seconds slower than his normal times.
This is why more and more honest racers are not doing these club meetings, why would you? I have spoken  5 dads this week who are all fed up with watching kids go side ways in the corner but overtake 2 at the end of the straight. Do these cheaters honestly know nothing, no way can a driver be that fast if they have made those sorts of mistakes. The problem is that yes there is a lot of fast kids out there that do not do superone due to budget etc, but these kids realish the chance to fight in a club meeting against the superone visitors doing the club round before the superone round there and thats great but as soon as that is over they are back trying to compete against kids who clearly are not legal. It's a shame and cadet is becoming more and more like that. the cheaters are doing there kids no favours at all because they will become reliant on the power and never learn to drive correct, if they do give the top championships ago they are the ones that are always at he back age and experince of course considered. What i mean is a kid who wins a club championship should be atleast in the mix in superone not at the back.
We as dads need to make sure the scruteeners around the counrty are policing this, we need to inform them that this could be happening or this thy then need to act on that info, I do not want to really catch anyone it;s not fair on Little Johnny but little Johnny's dad needs to be aware that they will find them out, as it is the scruteneers that look silly if they keep letting them get away with it.