Dom was fantastic at buttons Monday. We spoke to Dom regarding being ready for racing next year, in the end he said I will be ready dad leave it to me.
because he made the decision not us he has showed us what a winner he really is. A few points I would like to explain so that you can understand his mind set of late and why he is doing so well.

He only wants to go out with the fast kids,he can not see any benefit in racing the slow kids,at PFI a couple of weeks ago he was a little upset and down. This was because there were some really quick kids out there and they were overtaking him. "He said Dad they are to quick." Mick Barrett and I explained that this is the level you need to be at to race Dom. That these kids are 10 11 and 12 years old you are 7 what do you expect. They were also bumping him he said, Mick explained that is what happens when you race so you will need to get used to it. I said "Do you still think you will be ready to race Dom"

OH YEH was his reply. After that chat he seemed to let go of that frustration that they were overtaking him or bumping him in fact he done some bumping of his own. He said after, " I'm not as quick as them at the moment Dad, but I will be soon. I am going to keep learning and practicing so I get better and better so I will be able to drive F1"

Dominic thrives on making people happy, he loves it when Mick praises him, he cuddles him more than ever, he has a great respect and love for Mick Barrett he is so lucky to have Mick Dan Jack from Mick Barrett racing behind him. I can see that this team is the best thing that happened to Dom in his racing career so far. To see your son who has always been a good judge of character bond like this and to see Mick do the same is quite moving for me and Lisa. No other sport in the world is like this the things that these young boys and girls go through and overcome to win is incredible.  To have the experience and knowledge of Mick Barrett plus the love he has for Dominic and Dominic's will to succeed and the sheer drive to make everyone smile regarding his driving and doing what he has been taught is a winning formula. As for me I am starting to understand that I am better of not touching the Kart, as every time I touch it I break something.

So we have all decided that what we are doing now is working with Dominic, we take one bit at a time and do not expect Dom to do it straight away, he normally goes away from the track thinks about it then next time he goes back, without us telling him he does it. This is fantastic because you know that he has made the decision to do it not us, he has pondered it over in his mind then decided yeah that is correct whats next to learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this Monday was fantastic, he overtook so many up the inside of tight corners he drove fantastic lines and did not lift off when following slower kids, all what we needed from him so we can now concentrate on getting his times down. Well done to Dominic overcoming that fear of kids spinning and crashing, it was a good thing that crash, it taught him that this can be dangerous, it made him think and come to terms with it. Now he drives with real passion and is clever not erratic he wants to finish the race not go out in the first corner but he also wants to win and be as fast as the others.