After a 6 weeks break we went testing at pf and rye house Dom showed that he was a little rusty but soon got on the pace,
now we are looking to start racing again. He is really looking forward to it and showed no sign of fear at  Pf through and under the bridge. A little break has been good. We, as parents, need to also understand that he is still young and that although he is quick and can race it is still going to take time for him to be confident enough to drive at his best all the time and at every level.

Not sure if we will continue with super one this year of course the next round is at little Rissi so we should get plenty of testing and racing in before hand and then make a decision.
It was really good to see Owen Marlow do so well last weekend and he is looking good for a number which would be fantastic for Owen. well done mate really good stuff.!!!

With this season drawing to the end we will be looking to next year, not made our minds up what we are doing next year as to staying on our own or joining a team. In terms of driving we did go backwards this year from where we left of last year not sure why, obviously a lot of that was down to Dom but some also to engines, we felt like we had it just right towards the end of last year beginning of this year power wise, but was given a massive draw back 2 weeks before the start of superone when all our engines had to go back and have new pistons put in I don't feel we completely recovered power wise and this showed at the GYG round when Dom just could not get on the pace we believed it was Dom and it was clearly power not Dom. We have now had the engines all done during the break and they are once again looking good thank God. We also identified another problem during testing which when rectified made a massive difference power wise. This we will gauge after the next club meeting we will do.

db racing was started for Dom and over the course of the year we have run a few other drivers as a favour