With PFI being the last race for Dom this year we are excited about next years major championships.

We are very excited about the new chassis we will be using, I will announce this after our final test in Febuary 2014.
With Dom starting this new program that has been arranged for him and the continued help and support in this area it is looking pretty good for Dom for next year.

We have also tested some different aspects of kart set up with help and advice form some top engineers in this field, the results are huge but they will remain our secret.

With continued testing for the winter planned in all areas we will be ready to rock and roll right from the start of the super one calendar. Our main aim now is to get a new race van including some great new kit on board for Peter to do the best Job he can this should all be ready to go for Jan / Feb the van will be kitted out with some great toys all to aid Dom in the next season and future seasons. 

We also have worked hard on sponsorship for Dom in the 2014 and will hopefully have a new sponsor coming on board, This company is passionate about racing and have meet Dom and are looking to support him again throughout his racing career. They are a huge waste management company exporting clean energy around the world and flying the flag for Britain. we are very excited about this company and they were very impressed with Dom's charity and the coverage he obtained in the press.

All in all a very exciting year for next year,