After a thoughtful time we, that is myself Lisa and Peter Budd have decided that Fusion are the team for Dom. So next year we will be full time with Fusion Motorsport. 

Let me explain why.

1) Both Dan and Neil want to win and treat every driver the same.
Before we went to fusion we heard so many rumours about how Fusion Motorsport work, it is laughable now as the last few months we have experienced some of the best weekends racing since we started. Everyone including mechanics all want every driver to do their best the awning is friendly and the parents all get on really well. I think Dan and Neil make sure the awning is like that and it helps new drivers coming in to settle into the team very quick, it has certainly been that way for Dominic.
2) They are multiple British Champions that says it all, but the reason they are is of how professional they go about the job.
When things go wrong as they sometimes do and I experienced it once in our time with them, they never got flustered they just worked hard to discover a way forward. They did and the very next round they walked it.That is why they are so much more successful then any other team. 
3) They are never satisfied and always looking to improve, some people would be happy and feel that what they do now will always keep them infront, but by always looking to improve your service goes along way to maintain your position at the top.
4) They keep themselves to themselves, everyone told me that Dan don,t speak to anyone in the paddock, he does but only those involved with his team. Rightly so as well they are there to win not to get involved with the paddock tittle tattle that unfortunately goes on. The thing is what nice people they are when you are in the team.

So all in all Fusion are a friendly professional Fair team who have produced their own Kart the Synergy that Dom is on and loves, and has won in it's first year of production. They alongside Peter Budd have helped Dom to start to see how good he really is and when he won at Shenny last week were all so happy for Dom. They made him feel like a super star you cant buy that.
Serioulsy if you are not sure about them I suggest that you find out for yourself and make your own mind up as we did. Their prices are not over the top as people suggested to me. If you want the best for your driver then you need to consider Fusion.

As for us you will see that Dom will be running with Fusion next year we are really excited about next year and with Peter also working with Dominic he has a great chance.