After his first Saturday back in the saddle it was clear that Dom's inner demons were still there, He came in crying and upset with himself. He was blaming the power the grip everything apart from the real truth that he seemed he did not want to admit.

The truth was he was fast but he did not want to get involved with the other drivers, he did not overtake and he pulled over to let a chain of 12 or so front runners past. he knew that he had done that but was hoping that myself and Chris Rodgers had not seen it. We had, it was then that I realisead, that surely this can not be good for my little boys self esteem.

In the 3 months we had had off he was back to the Dom we all Love, happy joking cheeky and cocky Dom, but one day on the track we noticed he was far different from that. It was obvious if he raced on the Sunday that with the rolling starts he would not be safe on the track, the chances were that he would be worse than the Saturday as he would have no choice but to be in the middle of it especially at the start. He would undoubtedly pull wide from his fear of crashing and would then once the race got going be frustrated for doing that, when deep down inside he knows that he is far better than that.

I think it is a shame, as for natural talent Dom has loads of that, he can turn up at any track and drive and instantly put in fast laps, the memories of the big crash with Rufus all them years ago and the impact it made on Dom has never been over come and for that it really does not matter what talent he has.
As a family we spoke and all agreed that the cadet karting scene is a bit like banger racing, with drivers wanting to just bash their way to the front rather than use skill to do so. It is something the MSA should address but I suppose it has been that way for years. We decided to hang up Dom's race suit and look at maybe the junior classes as Dom gets older. Myself and Lisa believe that Dom is to emotionally immature to handle his fears at the moment and maybe if in a couple of years he wants to return and is more mature then we would look at it then. 

It is a shame but we have done everything we could for Dom in his dream to race, we had the top engines Driver coaches teams etc, but the final hurdle was left to Dom and it would appear that his fear was far bigger than his dream at this stage in his life. We wish everyone we know and become friends with in cadet the very best of luck for the future.

All of Dom's engines and kit have been sold now so sorry if you missed out.