Both races were lets say very rusty, with Dom once again showing to much respect to the rest of the feild.
At kimbolton his starts were appalling and in the final he simply did not even try. He was a little dissapointed with himself
after the heats and went from being one of the fastest in testing to over 1 second of the pace.

At shenny this week end Dom showed good pace on Saturday testing. Our main Aim with Dom is the first two laps,this was the area we wanted to improve and he needs to improve. His first heat he started 4th on grid made a good start from the outside and done exactly what Peter had told him to do, he made a slight mistakte at one corner and lost his bottle he started looking behind and feel back to 12th. His next heat starting at the back he had a terrible start and again was slow to overtake which resulted in a 17th place finish.
Starting 14th on the grid was bad considering Dom's lap times, but you can be quick but if you decide not to get stuck in then hey 14th where you are at.
in the final he did again have a great start probably all things considered the best start I have seen him make. He got himself up to10th place but was blocked by the number 68 kart and he simply feel into their pace he was a good half a second faster but was just blocked which then allowed the chasing group to catch up.Number 77 callum Bradshaw found his way infront of Dom who then went past the 68 which dom followed through. However Dom decided to push Callum for 5 laps who again was not quicker than Dom so that was it finally the chasing pack went through and dom was battling for his 14th place finish.Lots learnt and really good starts but now he needs to be more aggressive on the track.

The good thing is that DB2 engine which we run all weekend has come on and is now giving DB1 a run for it's money.