Well what can I say, Dominic was not his self this weekend and showed signs of being nervous again why I do not know but as a team we were right on the money. Dominic posting the fastest lap out of all 2 groups in the 4th session and was pretty much as fast as anyone.

we went out on old wets for the qualifying round and it was a toss up between the slicks or wets, but time running our made our decision for us but clearly we would have gone faster on slicks. In any case qualified 9th on the grid out of the 44 strong feild.

With a game plan for the final and Peter coaching Dom we were sure we would be in the top 5 to 10. What we did not expect was Dom, who in the rolling lap decided to back off and go to the back of the 34 kart grid. Then when the race got going decided to hang behind and not get involved at all, after a few laps he did start to knuckle down but he had let everyone past by then he started to drive well and finished in 19th posting the 5th fastest lap time of the race. I ask you what more can we do. The kit is very good all 3 engines are coming together we were bang on with the carbs this weekend so I am now pretty sure if we get our driver in the correct frame of mind again we will come March be in the mix for a decent position. That however will be all down to Dom and now I am affraid I will have to step in and do something I never really wanted to do but teach my son how to be aggressive I know it is in there as I have seen it come out a few times when he gets angry. So the work starts now he will be back Boxing with his traveller friends and he will have to learn to fight for everything now. unfortunately he may not be everyones freind anymore but he will go out with a lets have attitude, you want to bully me your getting right back up you. By the time he hits the grid next for S1 I will expect a few warnings coming his way, he has to man up now and the next 5 months we will work on this attitude for him.

Dom you can drive son, but you need to be more aggresive and if you get taken out on the track on purpose as you did at wilton then you make sure you give it back twice as bad on and off the track.