With the first round of super one 3 weeks away and the week before holding the second round of little green man, will the Eclipse drivers be ready to take on the Fusion Drivers.

The early part of the season has seen the fusion drivers really Dominate the meetings. But with the next gen team Eclipse and some others looking to spoil their fun, the first round of super one is looking to be exciting if not thrilling.
As for us we are very happy with the set ups and the kit we have. With Dominic showing good pace but racing ability letting him down. We have spoken and think that we are making progress. We missed Mathew Graham at the little Green Man Round and are certain that Mathew can come through and show his metal in the Super One Iame class.

Speaking with Dominic regarding the next few races he says that he now realises that at this level he can not afford to make mistakes, he has broken down the first round of LGM and explained that from now on he is going to push on every heat overtake more and improve his starts. He knows he has the pace to be up front but he needs to settle down and race and most certainly drive to the best of his ability. Of course we do not expect him to be winning, we now know what bothers Dom in the race and have some good techniques to help him work it out.

Dom loves being in the Eclipse team and with loads of racing under his belt this year will set him up for a great season next year. Dominic will remain with Eclipse until the end of his cadet career.