Dominic was at Lark hall yesterday in his first round of the LGM Series. With the top drivers in the country doing battle for the early points we were looking to see how far Dom was from the pace?

The answer was not that far at all, on Saturday testing Dom had a bee in his bonnet and reduced the lap times to just 5 tenths away from the top runners. Not bad for only second time there.. Dom also started to waiver towards the end of testing showing some signs of his fear creeping back in.

Sunday was wet and took a bit of his new found confidence away, he had a 3 lap warm up then the first heat and guess what Dom was off Pole, he was pole for the first heat of the first round of the first Iame LGM Series. He completely lost the plot, his fear came out and he let everyone past him on the rolling lap to start the race from the back. He was so upset with himself. The second heat was not much better and his pace he showed on Saturday was gone, crippled with the fear of the rolling start's and the quality of his opponents. lets be honest they are pretty good that lot and he is one of the youngest out there, with out a doubt the least experienced but if you want to be the best you have to race the best. 

The 3rd heat we see him push a little more but got caught up in a train of karts made a couple of over takes but that was it.
Dom had the pace to make top 20 maybe even 15 for the A final but was left with a unhappy 16th in the B Final. He drove with more conviction but was still 3 tenths of the winner Teddy Wilson who is a series favourite but found him self in the B final from some unlucky accidents in the heats. Albert Carter coming second in the B final who was also DSQ in one of the heats.

Dominic has had a taste of the big time and with the British Championships round the corner, this year is looking like a very frustrating one, unless Dom clicks mentally at these races.

Dominic said that he was nervous but would not be next time, he wants to thank the Eclipse team for their help especialy mechanic Jack and all his sponsors. This is Karting lots of lows a few high's lets see what next round can bring it certainly could';nt get any worse that is for sure. He is going to work hard on his mental approach from now on.