Dom has done really well this last 4 weeks, he has got to grips with the overtaking and has showed us how bad he really wants to be a f1 driver.

He has started to show that he can get closer to the boys he thinks will spin and beat them up the inside to the tight corners. After speaking to Mick Barrett we think that Dom will be ready to race in the new year of course he will be a novice and will need to get a number of signatures before he gets onto yellow plates.

What is evident is that the boys in Bambino that were quicker than Dom in the race at Buckmore are around 10 seconds behind him a lap in the cadets.This goes to show how much he has improved against what will be he's main competition as he gets older. The great thing here is that he is not at all bothered about the kids in cadets who are 11 12 years old who are only a few seconds faster a lap just that he is struggling at the moment to keep up with them. He did get a little down because they were overtaking him but with out going up in practice against them he will not know what he has to do to compete. Myself and Mick Barrett are talking to Dominic all the time regarding what he should be focusing on, we are both on the same page and what is remarkable is this.

Friday was the new track at PFI grand opening Dom was the very first Comer cadet on the track, he took to the track fantastically. We were then trying to get him over to the Blue bit before the chicane he did not do it more than twice on friday. On saturday we moved to the curb on the corner before the straight, he only hit that a couple of times as well. We did notice however that without reminding Dom he was hitting the blue bit every time. So he does listen an does at his own pace learn the little extra bits he needs to shave of those few seconds. All we need to do is work on every little bit each time, then move on. He is still only 7 and in the next few months we will see a big difference in his ability to understand the more technical aspects of driving. He has a natural talent for this and as he gets older it will all click into gear. When is hard to tell, but it would be great for Dominic if he can get it while he is 8.

Saturday testing at PFI with some of the TOP boys in the country showed Dom a little of what to expect when he races, he got pushed off the track 3 times, it did not bother him a bit, he was bumped and pushed to the point he started doing it back as well. Not a single complaint from him when it was explained by Mick this is what will happen when you race.
a little bit of ok then lets see what you can do when i hold my line a bit more and push you off the track if you don't back off was evident from Dom. So that was looking better as well. Although he was getting overtook alot not lapped just overtook, he was starting to get pulled along by them without knowing it.He's speed through the chicane was much better, one thing I noticed was that he was quicker than any of the other cadets around the bottom corner. I got that on video to show him the proof. How he was catching them at the bottom corner before the double left hander before the straight. I said if for some reason you are quicker there then you can be quicker evrywhere if we can work out what you are doing.

That is all for now Rye house Wednesday no testing PFI this weekend but will see if we can get Friday of school again for testing at PFI. if not it will be buttons on Monday week. No more tilbury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!