What a difference a short break seems to have made, Lets Break it down

1) Rolling Starts                          10/10                           Best rolling starts I have ever seen Dom do by far
2) overtaking                               8/10                              Unbelievable on the brakes into first hairpin
3)Race Craft                               8/10                               Used his brain and raced really well
4)Aggression                              9/10                               Two warning flags for contact (he has never Had Flag before)
5)desire to win                            10/10                             showed real desire to win was really upset after dnf in final
6) Style                                       12/10                             Looked fantastic in race suite and helmet kart looked fantastic
7)Dealing with emotions             9/10                               Really worked hard on this and showed on track

Dominic should be very proud of himself this weekend at Pf not only did he get stuck in he drove a fantastic clever race to win the 2nd heat, he looked really good in first heat coming from 11th on grid to 6th after 3 corners to then end up on top of Teddy Williams, that put Dom back to 22nd but he drove fantastic putting in second fastest lap of the race coming through traffic, to eventually get back to 13th. 3rd heat again starting at 22nd got all the way up th 8th really good drive, one particular move for me was on Miles Barthorpe when Dom from 2 kart lengths back on the brakes so much later to take the place.
It was good to see scruteneering on the ball, and that they are now checking for fuel tanks being pressurised, I think it is important to make sure this class is run fair at every level, and the more they check the better it will be. I know that alot has been said about fuel additives etc, I think at club level this needs to be checked as well so well done to the scrutenners at pf.

So we were really happy coming away from PF myself and Peter ran Dom with Peter taking Dom to the grid this really worked well as Peter could give final instruction to Dom. It was a good atmosphere in the garage as none of us expected to much. With John Davis taking care of DB1 for us the engine is right back where it should be. Who knows what it will be like next race but we will take this weekend thank you very much.