After a fantastic drive from Dom all weekend he picks up the biggest trophy yet with a well deserved win at the Lincolnshire Kart Racing Club meeting held at Fulbeck Race Track.
A total of 9 entrants in the race with veteren drivers like Ronan Quinn, Brendan Pattison on the grid.

Dominic was one of 4 Novice drivers in the race, with lasts months novice winner Henry Stennett trying to make it two in a row. During testing Dom showed how much quicker he was than most, excluding the yellow plates who have been racing at that track for atleast 2 years. It took most of Saturday to find the optimum set up for Dom's Kart. On the last session Dom was keeping within a couple of tenths of Ronan Quinn the overall winner on Sunday. 

The first heat was a little slippy on the track, with Brendan Pattison taking the win. Dom taking the Novice win only around one second off the top pace. Second heat Dom again took the novice race but had a massive battle with Owen Johnson.
Third heat Ronan Quinn wins overall and Dominic again won the novice race, he had got within half a second of the race leaders in the previous heat but was concentrating on beating the novices. He had a bad start and found himself at the back after the first corner. He took his time and hunted down the black plates, making some brilliant overtaking to finally win the heat. So Pole for Brendan Pattison and Pole for Dom in the novice race. We were a little worried as Owen Johnson was showing his desire to win and was just behind Dom on the grid he also had the inside line at the start. After the first bend Owen had gone through and was looking fast, Dom looked like he was beat as Owen started to pull away, we witnessed Dominic Jumping up and down in the Kart trying to get it to go faster. We were worried thinking he had a problem. He caught Owen up but Owen was blocking Dom down the straight and was driving really well. After another lap Dom trying to pass Owen everywhere, Owen was doing a great Job blocking and was very fast, they were pulling away from last months winner Henry Stennett. With a fantastic overtaking manouver on the top bend sticking to the inside line around that fast corner, Dom made his pass, everyone was clapping him. He was infront but the battle between them both had let the yellow plates get away. Owen was not going away and stuck with Dom even when Dominic's lap times started to improve. The race seemed to drag on for ages but Dominic's consistent driving started to show and to our delight he started to finally pull away from Owen.
He was flying and driving so smooth all he had to do is get home to take the win, our hearts were in our mouths when the final lap sign came up. He won the race with a punch in the air as he took the flag, he finnished 4 seconds infront of owen and 10 seconds infront of last months winner Henry.

A well deserved win for Dominc a great drive all weekend very professional and the trophy put the smile on Dom's face to show how much it meant to him. A massive applaus from the spectators and a big pat on the back from all the yellow plates in his race.

Well done Dom.