With all the hype about chassis at the moment the best thing I suggest is to test them yourselves. We have a couple more chassis to test, but one thing is clear, the manufacturers who copied the Lightning are miles behind.

The new Zip Eagle chassis is clearly faster and easier to drive for Dom than the lightning was.

I think the great thing about the test was that Dominic although suffering from a chest infection drove really well, driving consistent laps on both chassis all within a tenth of each other.
Shall I tell you how much quicker the Eagle was??  
No I am not going to, but rest assured it was very impressive and I can see now, why the Zip Team were happy for the competition to copy the lightning. The eagle has a totally different back end and we have been told it is made from a different tubing. It is to late for the competition to simply copy the new design so they will have to wait another 3 years.

The next big test will be on our winter testing week hopefully the track temp will be high so we can see how much this chassis will need to be altered in high grip conditions.

we have just one more chassis to test before we make our final decision, but the Eagle so far has ticked all the boxes.