The Zip eagle is a really good chassis and to be honest our one was a really good example. I have heard that a lot of drivers could not get on with the Eagle but I do feel that there is a lot of difference between the chassis that are produced by Zip.
Going into next year we need to make sure that the chassis we use is consistent. We were not confident that zip would produce another chassis for us as good as the one we have now. So for that reason we started looking at different brands.
Nothing however was as good as our Zip for sure.

Obviously since we have been running with Fusion we were always going to test the Synergy which we did. To our surprise it was better than our Zip. That was just the test kart they had, we bought a new one and it was slightly better again. Is the Zip a good chassis well our one was for sure are they all good no way they are not produced as good as say the tony kart or the energy but if you get a good one they do the Job for sure.

It's funny people who saw that we were on the Synergy said that kart has to much front to loose at the back ,it,s no good in the wet.

Well at the London cup it was Dom and Ben Woodbridge who were first and second in qualify in the wet and on slicks, all the zip karts were behind by at least 2 seconds as was the BRK. So im sure that answers that question. Then last weekend Teddy Wilson won the Cadet Championship on guess what a Synergy. Which is the Karts first year in cadet and the first time another manufacturer has beat the Zip in over 10 years. Yes Teddy is older but he still had to do it against drivers like Wood on a zip and Jewiss who was on a Zip for the last round not the Tony Kart.

So yes although I get on really well with Luke Hines from Zip and we did want to stay on the Zip we could not really as the testing we done showed that the synergy was just a better kart for sure.
I think it will get better and better as the development will not stop and the team can always test with the best drivers on the grid. Next season will be interesting especially if the Synergy wins the LGM series as well I cant imagine the bigger teams moving from Zip to the Synergy simply because Fusion are the producer of the kart alongside Gary Byatt. But some of the smaller teams are already changing and the future of the Zip chassis will be in the hands of the drivers still on them, if Zip are not winning then all the younger drivers coming through are going to go on the synergy if that is still winning next year.
I think it will be good next year having mixed grids of manufacturers karts all this can do is improve the sport as everyone will be competing on prices an wanting top drivers on their Karts.

Oh yeh it also has a better paint job as well.