Last night at PFI buttons club, Dominic had a really bad Crash, that left the Kart wrecked and to be honest shook us all up.
He was fighting for position with 2 other karts going down the fast straight hitting speeds well over 50mph.They all went into the corner and the 2 other boys made contact with each other. Dominic looked as though he had missed the pile up but just at the last minute, one boy who span, just caught the back wheel of Dom's kart. He span and a fourth boy coming into the corner had no chance of missing them and crashed head on to Dom, the fourth boy hit Dom's front end so fast that the kart went up and over Dom after impact. This looked really bad, smoke was coming out of Dom's kart as if it was on fire. I have never seen an incident that bad. It does remind us that motor sport can be dangerous, but because Mick Barret has set up Dom's kart with the best seat for Dom in the right place and Dom wears all the right protective equipment he was not hurt that Bad. He complained about his finger but that was it.

he was of course upset about Zonk his Karts name, the front end of the kart was bent right round, the front track rod arm was snapped the kart was all bent and twisted. However those kart parts are made from softer materials than the chasis to help prevent the chasis being twisted. We took the kart to the Buttons work shop thanks to Gary and we set about trying to repair it. After a big crash like that we just wanted to see if Dom would go back out,We straightened the front and the front axle which had really been hit, replaced the track rods, repaired it the best we could so he could drive it. Mick said to Dom who was still complaining about his finger, do you want to go out again Dom the Kart is all repaired, he said yes. That was a good sign but how fast would he go. I am not sure I would have gone out after that crash. We tried the kart in the Park Ferme area first, then put Dom at the Back of the grid for his first race of the night.

Mick Barrett, said to Dom take care Dom drive as fast or as slow as you like mate, if the Kart does not feel right come straight in. Dom said I will take it easy for a couple of laps then I will speed up if all is ok. He was smiling on the grid, but we were all abit concerned how he would react after a crash that Bad. Of he went, done the rolling lap then he stayed right at the back taking it easy. Atleast he was out there I was very proud of his Gritty attitude. After just one lap he was off, over taking the first kart in front of him down the same straight and into the same corner he had the accident.Mick barrett looked at me smiling. He was unbelievable coming from 12th on the grid to 5th. What a little champion he is. He took the 5th place boy right at the end of the race. mick rushed down to the pitts as another race was about to start, he managed to get them to agree that Dom could Join the back of that race.  Dom came down into the pitts a normal, I said do you want to join this race as well, he said yes dad. He started 14th on the grid.

Now what I am about to describe is nothing short of brilliant, remember he is only 7 and is by far the youngest out there,He has just had a bad crash, that certainly would knock the wind out of most. through the rolling lap the went, were was Dom, at the back in 14th place. Green flag and they are off, he made 3 places up by the first corner, fantastic, was that the end of it? oh no he looked like he had a point to prove. He was like the terminator picking his next victim driving them down then over taking them, as soon as he had a clear track in front of him to the next kart, jesus is the only word, he was flying catching them up and again passing them, no hesistation, but he was using his head to avoid trouble. he was running 3rd with about a quarter of a lap down on the leading kart, he brilliantly out braked second place to take that spot, myself Lisa and Mick Barrett was more than impressed. Was he finnished no is the word he took 2 laps to catch the leading boy and right and I mean right on the line he took the flag for first. WOW what a drive considering the crash he had. Everyone at the track congratulated him. What a super star and I mean a Super Star. Mick Barrett said that was the most enjoyable racing he has seen for along time. He and Dom have become quite good friends Dom is always giving Mick cudles and loves spending time with him.

1st palce for Dominic Bush and we hope many more wins not many crashes especially like that one.We took Dom's kart back to Mick's garage so it can be fully repaired, and the chasis checked.

I would like to say this to my son for when he gets older and reads this Journey Back. 

Dominic this sport does bring out the very best of you, not only shows us the sheer determination you have in your dream to drive F1, but a side of you that is so pure and lovable, it goes to show that you have not just a wininng attitude but an ability to inspire even people much older than yourself. I was very scarred after your crash and to be honest I was not sure I wanted you to keep doing this. But you showed me, that if the dream is big enough the facts don't count. You showed me that all beit that the crash happened it was far better to get up and move on than worry about what had just happened. You were fantastic last night and the fear jar we spoke about 4 months ago was not bigger than your fun Jar. Mine however was and I nearly let you down last night by thinking enough is enough. Sorry mate But it's because I love you so much and of course don't want to see you hurt. Luckily putting on a brave face stopped that from happening. I could'nt show you I was worried especially since you were so determined to go back out. Anyway it wont happen again and one other thing that hair pin line you was taking last night after our long chat and drawings was the best i have ever seen you do, well done for listening.

from the proudest dad that walked the earthxxxxx