We took Dom to a track which let all non arks out at the same time, it scared him alot to the point he never wanted to go karting and when he did he drove like miss daisy. looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to him.

I see so many young kids driving with no fear whats so ever. We are aware that there is a lot of good kids in Karting at |Dom,s age, I thought at the begging that having no fear was the best thing about Dom, the confidence to go as fast as he could as do many of the kids his age. I now know that the opposite is true. Dom did not drive very quick and kept spinning off and was really not bothered about going karting after we took him to that track. After some time I finnally got out of him that he was scared of hurting his self. I take my hat of to him for having the courage to say that to me, after all he knew his kart was expensive and he knew i wanted him to do well, he of course wanted me to be proud of him, but i never knew he was scared. I just thought he didn';t want to do it anymore. The poor boy must of been in such a battle with himself. no wonder he did not want to go.Why would you put yourself under pressure like that when you can stay at home and play the wii.

after he explained I said that is fantastic Dom, I explained some of my experiences to him and told him that it was good to be scared. I then went on and said from now on do not worry what the other kids are doing. You have 2 jars 1 that is fun and 1 that is fear. At the moment your fear jar is more full than your fun jar. when you go out on the track drive as fast or as slow as you want just have fun mate. I said you will always have some fear but if your fun jar is bigger than your fear jar it wont stop you doing it.

He has never looked back and each time he goes to a new track he just focuses on having fun and before you know it he is flying around the track. It is me that has a bigger fear jar when it comes to Dominic karting.