Dominic loves his new team, team mates and Kart. He again smashed his personel best at Whilton Mill yesterday taking a massive 1.5 seconds off, clocking a 54.7. That is good enough to win the novice trophy there but unfortunately we are not racing there this weekend. He has taken to the team with flying colours he gets on so well with Leo and Cayden. He adores leo's dad Jay and Luke Hines. I think because they treat the drivers for what they are, 8 year old kids who are driving at speeds of over 55mph, they do not make them feel bad they only encourage them. Dom was behind a novice yesterday for about 3 laps, he had a couple of looks but did not commit. He finally took the novice up the inside, typical of what Dom has done in the past. I said to Luke that is something we need to work on with Dom he takes to long to overtake slower karts.
when Dom came in this is what Luke said, "Dom what an overtaking manouver you did on that 20 Kart, see, when you do it right see how easy it is. That was brilliant mate well done." Not a single negative word from Luke's mouth. 

Next time Dom caught the same kid up, he just went straight past him no hanging back no hesitation just straight past. Luke turned to me and said you dont need to tell him how long he took to overtake, he knows his self. Making him feel he let us all down will never work Mick. But showing him how safe it is when you do it right, gives him confidence and he is the only one out there, so he will do it just like he did then when he is comfortable with it. Don't forget he is only 8 years old not 14. He said it is a shame the boy did not turn in on him then Dom would have seen how he would of bounced of Dom. When Dom came in Luke said mate how good was that, see when you went up the inside the other kart had no where to go he was all out of ideas. Dom did you enjoy that " Oh Yeh" said Dom.

What a great day testing and it was wicked to see Dom having so much fun something myself and Lisa can only thank Luke and the Team for.