With a tear in his eye he said dad that will never happen again, what is that I said, lose a place on the start he replied.
I asked him why are you crying mate,
becuase i missed out on 3rd place and did not get a trophy dad never will that happen again.

Well lets see what happened, because he was doing so well in practice lately myself and Mick Barrett agreed lets try him in a race see what he does. Because he is not yet 8yrs old we entered him in a non msa race he was very nervous and had never been to the track before.
he had 3 warm up laps before the first heat 2 heats then a final.
we started hgim right at the back and off he went nervous but after the first lap you could see him trying harder overtaking many kids on his way. he came in with a big smile and could not wait to race.
first heat from the back he came through to 3rd
second heat the same, He qualified 3rd for the final. All i can say is f**k we did not expect that. we would have been happy if he went round and came last. Not only that all the kids in the race had been at that track for atleast a year and new it like the back of there hands.
Dan Barrett said to Dom you know what Dom you could challenge for first place if you get your start right. they disscussed the tactics and off to the final. Oh no he did not do the game plan and slipped back to 5th after the first corner.
he battled back to 4th then ste he's sights on the next Kart infront of him, he caught him at a wapping 1.5 seconds alap faster but just could not get passed him. he came in 4th but right on 3rd place bumper.
He was so upset.

After our little chat i gave him the good news, Dom you may not of got a trophy for the main race but cheer up you won the novice race. He's little eyes sparkled with delight yes he said, go and tell your Mum I said and the team.

How good was that for him and apart from a few small hicups what a drive from him all day.

well done son you make me proud all the time it is easy to be your Dad.