Dom somehow salvages a silver medal at buckmore after a great drive in the rain on slicks, to salvage a silver medal after a faulty engine and  no22 taking him out in the first race was fantastic.

Testing could not have gone worse, Dominic went out in the first practice session and was the fastest out there, putting in a 25.2 lap not bad since he has only been round the track once before.It all went horribly wrong after that, the engine started missing and was running terrible on the second session. We brought him in and decided to clean the Carb and change the spark plug to see if that would cure the problem. I pulled off the lead and ooops it snapped. No parts available at the track tried to bodge it but he broke down on the track. All over for testing and it looked like no race for Dominic on Sunday. Since he had built himself up for the race I stayed at the track to see if I could get some help. I did I managed to get a part from The Kart shop who had to strip it from and engine they had in there shop so a big thank you to Simon for that. I put it in Dom's and left the track  in the late hours. It looked like the race was still on for sunday. On the trip down I got a call from Paul at Ambition motor sports saying he had brought a Bambino engine with him if I got stuck. We now had a spare engine just incase.


Luck would have it that we had 2 short practice sessions prior to the race so we could see if the engine was running fine. Out he went for the first 2 laps and he was flying, then all of a sudden his speed dropped off for 2 laps, then picked up again for the final 2 laps. He put in a fastest lap of 24.675 only 7 tenth's slower than ruben who is by far the most experinced on that track.
We decided to change the engine before the next race as clearly there was a problem with Dom's engine. The second practice he was only 1.5 tenths slower than Rubens time a total of just 1 second for 6 laps. The relief that it would seem he would get a gold medal after all the trouble was a much welcomed feeling. When the grid positions came up Dom was put behind the slowest kid there no22. He clearly was the second or 3rd fastest after Ruben but because of the engine packing up for a couple of laps in the first practice it made his time look worse than it was. Chris the race organiser explained to me the situation agreeing how fast Dom was. Dom had to get past no 22 as quick as he could to get a good time in, he never did and then on a move up the inside no22 took dom out, he kept going but it was all over he was 16 seconds off the lead time. He was so upset, he wanted to have a fight with another driver who was winding him up, we all spoke to him, but he was sooo upset. he said "I could not get past him, dad I didn't know what he was going to do,  when I did he turned in on me, he cant drive and should not have been out there Dad "That was the engine running slow that caused that problem he would not have started there if it was running fine.

After some time I said to Dom, ok son what is done is done, you have one race to go to try and get something out of the weekend, we might if you drive good get a Bronze which will give us something from the weekend. he walked into the race tent and said to all he's friends and family who had drove up to support him, "Im going to drive my best to try and get a bronze". After a big cheer and some tears from Auntie Angela he had that look in his eyes he sometime gets. You could see he was focused to try for Bronze.To be honest he had no chance after his first race, but motor racing is unpredictable, and come on he had such bad luck something had to go right for him, even a little help from the gods.

 the prays were answered, the sky went dark and the rain came down, over the past few weeks Dom has moaned at me making him drive on slicks in the wet, just so he can get used to it. Bambino racing do not let them race on wet tyres when it rains, we quickly widened the front wheels cleaned off his tyres. I said Dom you know how to drive in the wet on slicks go out there and just stay on the track. That's exactly what he did, what a drive from him he done a resonable time, looking back if I did tell him to push he may of knicked gold. I knew the target time would have come down and he lapped no 22 who this time started behind him. But silver especially after the troubles we had was a great debut for him.

All the other kids now know there's a new kid on the block, so look out big bad Dom is coming and he means business.
Ruben and Jackson who were fantastic got golds and Dom and 2 others managed silvers. At the end Dom and Supporters were over the moon next week Bayford 5 more silver or Golds and no Arks test for Dom.

On a private note I was knackered if that is the stress levels of the lowest class of racing then the sooner Dom's in a race team the more I can enjoy what he is doing. The only chance I had to relaxand have some fun is when Dom got me a t shirt for fathers day that he made me wear that said on the back "Dom's pitt Bitch" and that is exactly how I felt.

Well done Dom you make us proud all the time.

Dom we are proud of you