A big thank you to Mick Barrett tonight for coming down and helping Dom, also a big thank you to Mario who kindly let dom follow him around for a few laps.
The buttons club is fantastic and really helps the young drivers get a taste for racing.
 PFI is by far the best circuit we have been to and from what I hear probably the best in the country.They had lots of people out on the track helping with lines, more so with Dominic then any other, thats not saying Dom needs the most help just it seems when mick barrett asked them to do something they do it.
I must say that since they are aware that Mick Is working with Dominic the whole attitude towards Dom has changed. Mick was
really pleased with Dom tonight as Dominic showed mick that he does listen some times and produced a lap of 60.2 seconds, just three tenths away from the magic 59. That is not saying that 59 seconds is a fantastic time either but as Mick explained to dom, if he can take a second or so off each time he comes, it wont be long before he is really on the pace.

A good effort tonight from Dominic all going in the right direction.