It has been a nice quite time over the last few months with Dominic concentrating on his exams at school. Mum and Dad have got some of their life back outside the mad world of Cadet Karting where everything in life seems to work around kids karting.

Dom is still to small to move up to mini max but we have decided to let him test at the moment nothing big just the odd weekend to keep his eye in. With him growing up and maturing infront of our eyes we can see that he is a much more stable young man but the dream and desire to race is there and looks stronger than ever.

With the help of others we shall be testing Mini Max in the school holidays, we also are looking at a class next year with real possibilities of a paid drive in Junior Ginetta, I say paid I mean a season for free, but still he will be to young to compete in 2017 at age 13

I think that this time away has shown us how small and insignificant cadet level really is and the hype that goes with cadet definately does not match the benefits on offer to young talented drivers. That when you are competing in cadet it appears that is the only way to go and the money leaves your pocket fast and for what is the answer. So many young drivers out there but they all mature at different ages, it is clear if the driver has talent but struggles to perform at a very young age it is not the end. Take time thats what we are doing see how it pans out and go from there.

We are looking forward to some fun on track in Mini Max and seeing the smile back on Doms face when he gets back behind the wheel.