Dom is joining Tooley Motorsport for the next season he starts testing this month and throughout the summer holiday to get preparred for the last round as a guest in superone. After showing top pace at gyg when he tested with r&l which was a great couple of days we shall see he gets on at pf this summer testing.

he has been out of competitive racing all season so we do not expect to much from him that is for sure and his main focus will be on another series for next year.

Tooley have had good results with drivers like william pettit and others this season and I feel that value for money and the fact that they arw not to pushy with dates etc will be the best way forward for Dom. 

We of course have bought Dom a new chassis and engine and would imagine that power wise we will be lacking at the moment. But with alot of drivers moving to x30 next year this should help us to obtain front running engines we shall see. 

With sponsors still on board with dom like fire delay this should be a goid year of racing at an affordable prive