With the last round of the Little Green Man Cadet Championship again being contested by the Fusion Drivers, we knew that the team would struggle to be able to give Dom their full attention this weekend.
So again Peter Budd Dom's personal Driver Coach was once again on the ball. Not only did the kart look fantastic it handle fantastic as well. 

With our motors on the edge of going off or in other words not as good as they were a short time ago, some major decisions had to be made in which ones we would run, it was close but with such wet testing on Saturday not much was really learnt and data was so difficult as the sessions were so different we could not do accurate analysis. Between Peter, Neil and Dan we made our decision.
The first Heat Dom was almost half a second faster than his nearest rivals which were Taylor Barnard and Piers Henderson. he did however have not such a good start and was quite lucky that the flag came out for follow me he was in 5th at that stage. He finnished 3rd but got the fastest lap of the race.

In the second heat we had a carb go down and did not start the race so Major points lost there, We knew that Taylor and Piers if starting the final on the front row would drive away if we got caught up in the pack for a few corners. This was not good but hey it happens better to happen in the heats than the Final.

In the 3rd heat Dom was on pole he finished second to Taylor who was extremely fast pulling at least 3 kart lengths down the straight, Dom tried and although looked quicker in the two hairpins Taylor had better speed through the chicane and down the straights, PIers finished 3rd with similar lap times to us, but Taylor was half a second quicker than us both we were matching the times the front runners were doing in the LGM in our own air but Taylor was that much quicker again. We knew we had to get a good start in the final from 6th on the grid to have a chance to win.  Dom was confident he could win ,Peter looked at what we had and made some fantastic changes to go to the final with. We were confident if Dom had a good start he would be able to do it with his new attitude,  However a mechanical failure on the rolling lap put Taylor out of the final which was a shame as Dom was really looking forward to the battle. with Piers quick at PF now on pole he needed a good start. He had a great start and got up to 3rd by the second corner, with Teddy Williams in front and Piers pulling away Dom had to get past quick. With a great move under the bridge he was up to second. Piers had a fair lead by now but Dom hunted him down and took the lead. With a great drive from Piers using his brain the two of them worked well together an pulled a massive gap on the trailing pack. With time running out Peirs went to the front with a really good overtake on Dom. the two of them juggled top spot as the last lap board came out it was Piers up the front and in control. 

He defended but we have seen it so many times with Dom now, he can pull it out the bag if he has too and this was no different.
With a fantastic move into the second hair pin from Dom the two of them were wheel to wheel going into the chicane, Dom had the inside line and bravely held it to take the lead with just 3 corners to go. He came out on the home straight with Piers on his bumper but held on to take the win, fantastic driving from them both and a good clean finish to the weekend.

Big thank you to Peter the weekend who had some tough choices to make.  Dominic  and his Synergy, is maintaining a good partnership, looking forward to our next race to see if Dom can make it 3 out of 3. I think he performed really well this weekend especially since he had not been well since Thursday night he clearly was down on power compared to some as well.
Engines will now be prepared again ready for next year so we are hopeful for next years superone.