Dominic had a day of school today to test at wilton mill, we meet Terrence Dove there who coaches alot of young up and coming drivers.He explained to me and Dominic that Mick Barret's Team is really a great place for Dominic and that Mick will help Dom win in the future. One thing that was noticeable with Terrence as with Mick Barrett is how good they are at communicating with such young drivers. Dominic really took to Terrance and Terry helped Dom with his lines and breaking hard before tight corners, this is something Dom has been reluctant to do, but Terry really explained to Dom how much faster he would go by doing it, I think Dom could see that for himself by the end of the day Dom calls it, mad breaking corners.

We will definately be seeing Terrence again, as he really helped Dom and I know that with Terrance and Mick all on the same page Dom will really move forward quickly. Dominic took to the track really well and put in a fastest lap of 59.14.

Terrence said to me that Dom is a little superstar and is easy to teach, this is something I have heard alot of people say about him of late so fingers crossed for Dominic that they are all correct.

It was a great day with Terrence and was really nice to hear another person in the field not only say nice things about Dom but also about Mick Barrett who Dominic has come to really respect and to be honest adore. I am very greatful to Terrence for his time today and it was lovely to see Dom paying so much attention to him. Goes to show how good he is at Coaching.

Mick Barrett and I spoke on the phone a few times and he was really pleased with the times Dom was putting in.
Well done son really proud of you, please drop the fluffy parrott though , it is not a good image for a young driver to be zooming around a track then come into the pitts and play with a pet fluffy parrott. Lets work on that!!!!!!!!!! when you get to F1 can't imagine team bosses and sponsors be as understanding as Terrence an myself.