What can I say about this weekend, well first of all the change we saw in Dom in the final of superone was still there. A much more aggressive and more up for a fight Dom with good starts in all the heats. 

Dom was up against the 3 championship leaders at shennington who race there month after month, Dom has only been there a few times this year, but from the very first practice session showed he was there to win. Putting in the fastest times all day and matching the top runners in the LGM who had their penultimate race that weekend. The kart looked planted and he just looked better than he did round there in the Zip. With questions over his top engine we run his worst or what used to be his worst engine, that had just come back from a rebuild from John Mcdonald.

The power looked good so thanks John and we were happy with the kart set up fusion gave us.
On sunday you could see that it was only goin g o be between the Leo running second Cayden running first and Jamie Running 3rd and of course little old vistor Dominic Bush.

The first heat Dom was starting in 8th on grid whilst The other 3 were at the front, with a great start Dom was up to fourth then 3rd then second with a great move on Jamie Mead but Jamie not yeilding he had a hitch hiker stuck on his rear bumber. Finally Dom had to drive of line to detach the passenger and came in Fourth.

Again second heat Dom started 8th and the others up the front again. A great start and a great win. The last heat was a bit of a fight and Dom came in fourth. This put Dom in 3rd for the final.

The final was just fantastic to watch Shennington in all honesty is not going to let you drive away from the pack as Dom found out when he hit the front. The other 3 worked hard and went past Dom putting him back to fourth. Then out braking two into the first hairpin he was back up to second. He then hit the front again with a great move on cayden.  Cayden took Dom back and the two of them had a bit of a gap so working together tried to get away from Jamie and Leo. With time running out and Cayden half defending they caught up. Dom decided enough was enough and made a great move at wilkins to take the lead last lap board out and some great defending from Dom. However he hit the curb at the top hairpin and cayden and Leo pushing had the inside for the right hand turn before the chicane. Dom however was having none of it and a gutsy outside to inside move into the chicane saw him retake the lead it was like a walk in the park from there as he had created a little gap which held for him to take the flag.

Great win the final was the only race he did not get fastest lap but we take the win instead. since he has been on this chassis he is a different driver, it just gives him so much confidence you can see that in his racing. Yes of course he is lucky to be in Fusion with Dan and Neil but also very Lucky to have Peter Budd as a driver coach as well. The team and us seem to work very well together lets not get to excited but he is definitely moving forward that's for sure.