We are really looking forward to this years Super One Series. If Dominic performs like we know he can who knows what he can achieve. Of course we can only do so much as a team the rest is down to the driver. But I think we proved a point last week at Pf with some of the countries best drivers scratching their heads as Little Harry was 4-5 tenths faster, on a strange Kart with little experience in Iame. Therefore although rightly so Harry is focusing on the Honda S1 this year, I would be bold enough to say that he could put up a good fight for the Iame Super One this year as well. This goes to show that DB Racing are doing it right. There is no advance timing on our engines or larger restrictors just to try to make the drivers look better than they are. We test the same as we race we think that that is the best way forward. Actually we actually make it harder for the drivers giving them slower equipment just so that when we bolt on the Top motors they gain confidence as we make them work hard to get on the pace.

This year will all depend on Dom's ability to get involved more. If he does then he will be up there for sure. After a rude Awakening by Harry on his kit, he really started to perform,let us hope he keeps that in mind. Of course there are plenty of top drivers on the grid this year, but now we know as does Dom that DB racing is doing it right. That is great for us and Dom as now he can focus on the driving and racing.

I suppose the true speed of everyone will be clear to see at Shenny on the first round of S1 at the end of March. Until then who cares we know we are quick as a team we proved that last week, driver is lacking a bit or has been let us wait and see. Will some of the drivers who are currently quick still have the nerve to go to S1 with advanced timing on their engines and other tricks. They might, if they think they can get away with it. They may have to anyway, otherwise everyone will know what they have been up to. If they do then We pray they get caught as I am certain they will. It would just be a shame if other team mates they may have get tarred with the same brush. Lets hope not,

Anyway good luck to everyone competing in this years Super One it will be a good one I am sure with so many favourites to choose from and a few really good rookies anything could happen, I think some of the teams are looking good at the moment and I think that they all have a really good chance to win with their top drivers. i think we as a team could perform just as good as well and with some hard coaching between now and then I think Dom has a real chance to set some fast laps in qualifying and who knows maybe perform in the races as well. My favourite is Wood and Jewiss, these 2 are fantastic drivers and are both in good teams. You can never put it past fusion to get a result and with great little drivers like Edgar another year down the road it would not surprise me at all if they came away with the goods again. All the big teams have drivers with a chance and Alex Mcdade is no exception. It is going to be exciting probably the most exciting season ever it will be tight I am sure, then lets not take it away from Albert Carter he has looked eminence of late pulling in result after result.   

 Cant wait