Dominic's School Dame Bradbury's has been fantastic with Dominic, letting him have time off for testing before christmas and allowing him an extra week off for the holiday that he needed. Dominic works very hard outside of school to achieve his dream of F1. When most kids do a sport outside of school it is normally just one evening a week and they only need to travel within a few miles from where they live.

Karters like Dominic are testing and racing about 5 days a week and travel 100's of miles to tracks end up having late nights mid week and then need to do there home work and turn up to school the next morning to do there school work. Also they need to exercise in between it is a very busy life for Karters like dominic.

Schools do not always understand that these kids are very hard working and try there best to keep up with the kids at school who are still playing with there transformers and video games in the comfort of their warm homes. It is easy unlike Karters who are driving on the edge in difficult conditions in a sport that can be dangerous especially at winter time. They have to concentrate at speeds that most kids their age have no idea of how it feels, not only that when Dom goes out at night and does 150 laps or so that is a lot of stress on the body and mind.

Mrs crouch and other teachers at Dame Bradbury's school are a little more understanding than most and should be comended on their approach towards Dominic's sport. they are his biggest fans and are quick to report his acheivements through the schools news letter. They see that some days he is really tired but is trying to do his work at school although they report to us so we can keep a balance they never make it difficult for dominic to try and acheive his dream.

Dominic for that reason wants to put the schools crest on his Kart for next year, which if he gets into super one will be seen if his races are televised. He will always as he does promote his school as he loves his teachers and especially his Head teacher Mrs Crouch. That school are full of winners and that he soley down to the head teacher and the staff.