Well the race day is coming around quick, we are of to Rye House tonight first time round there in his cadet.
Need to look at sprockets we have a 90 and 88, but will need to look at going 6 teeth each way.
Thanks to Dave Masters and some cunning heart renching emotional blackmail and lots of cuddles to Dave from Dominic we have managed to get the trailer off Dave for freeeeeee!!!!!!!!
This is  great, I have fully equiped the trailer with tools air wrenches compressor generator. I have painted the inside it looks fantastic. We are all ready to go racing just need the driver to show his stuff.

We are not putting him out tonight in the Bambino the kart he will be racing in at Buckmore. We want him to get used to the extra speed with the cadet. Thought process on that, is that he will feel the Bambino is slow and push harder come testing saturday.
 We can time check him each test session Saturday and get the sprockets correct for the race on Sunday.

The correct sprocket could give him an extra second or two per lap. tyre pressures will play a big part so we will need to work out what the weather is like, If it is cold then extra pressure will help warm tyres up earlier, I also have a trick but can not say trade secret.
I will let you know what happens with the cadet club tonight