Dominic is coming to the end of his racing career at the tender age of ten years old. Dominic has shown us that he is really quick and at times has shown us that he can be very clever and win races. The problem Dom has shown us is the fear of crashing, this seems to consume him at big events and although we have done all in our power to try and help him with this so that he can really show the world of karting what he can do, he wont let go of this fear or the thoughts that trigger this for him.
After the last round of superone it was just after a big shunt at pfi where Dom span at top speed backwards into the bridge, he ended up in hospital for a few hours tapped to the bed in a neck brace. Thankfully he was all ok but instead of looking at he truth which is, that was probably the biggest crash anyone is likely to have at this age and level, he allowed it to effect him at superone if you walk away from a crash like that with no broken parts then surely there is nothing to be fearful about in terms of crashing.

He was so nervous that he was 2 seconds of the pace and pretty much drove around the back like a novice. The equipment and set up was perfect we know this be cause we have been running Taylor Barnard for a couple of meetings now and he qualified joint 5th at only 9 years old. 

Dominic has been told the reality of this and that the money we spend competing is basically being thrown away if he is not going to try as it would appear on the track. So with no karting on the calender and the likely hood that Dom will not overcome this fear, it would make sense to call it a day. It is a shame but we can not justify the expense in continuing like this.
With a 2 month break planned and Dom having to really convince us that he can deal with this we will not be updating this website until we have a clear cut answer to if we will continue or not. 
For those of you that have followed him here we would like to thank you for your support, and Dominic is a very talented driver but being quick does not win trophies having the desire to win and overcome all obstacles putinfront of you does.
So my message to you Dom is this, I have tried and I have tried and I have tried mate, You can lead a horse to water but you cant make that horse drink. At some stage the horse has to take a leap of faith and do it thenselves if you cant which at present seems to be the answer then you will struggle to overcome all in life. This is a particular shame in your case as you really do have the raw material to be a truly exceptional individual. 

DB racing will still continue as we have made commitments to drivers next year so if you would like to keep up with db racing you can do so at