after over 3 weeks off for a fantastic holiday in Hong Kong and Thialand Dominic will be getting back behind the wheel at Shennington this saturday. He has 4 weeks until his first official race on the 19th Febuary 2012 which is also at Shennington.
Dominic has been working hard on his fitness he is now doing 20press ups aday,this started in thialand he could only manage 1 or 2 at first but now is knocking out 20 easy. He has been running and trying to work on his concentration leveles as well. He is showing improvements at school and at home and is starting to show us that he will do all the things outside of driving that he will need and has been explained to him by Mick and Danny at MBR.
Dominic knows that he needs to be racing the top kids in the country and they are in Super One. He will need to get 12 signatures from club meetings before he is eligable to enter super one.With his friends and fellow competitors Leonardo P and Albert Carter who have had 6 months more experience racing already enetred. Dom is hoping to be able to compete this year as well. It will be a difficult thing to acheive and if he is not up to speed we will not be racing super one.

Dominic does not understand how difficult it will be for him to compete at this level which could be a good thing however it may destroy his confidence he has built up or it may fire him up to work harder, I hope it will be the second as a real winner will work out how to win even when the circumstances are against them.

We have the right team and Kart engines etc and we have a driver with talent this will be a big year.Check out his results on this website.

Go Dom drive fast but safe we love you and beleive you can do it, only you can make the difference mate
Love Dad