Dominic had a cheeky little podium finnish at Little Rissington last weekend, he had never been at the track before hence why we were at the first club meeting of the year. We were not the only Superone driver their with the likes of Owen marlow Alex Mcdade Eathan Hawkey to mention just a few. On saturday testing Dom was straight out the blocks and showed he was the fastest on the track alongside Albert Carter. Then he drove lets say not at his best after a couple of sessions behind the slower drivers on the grid. After lokking at the data and camera it was obvious that he had allowed the drivers who were slower than him in the morning to alter his driving style. He just was not on the power early enough or braking late enough.
After a long training session with Peter in the awning and the morning track walk on race day, Dom could clearly see what he was doing wrong. He started 3rd for the first heat and had a bad start but really showed his pace putting in the fastest lap of the race by nearly half a second. He finnished 5th.
Second heat was starting 11 and finished 7th but it was wet and he did not drive as well as he could. The 3rd heat was even worse with ex team mate Alex Mcdade taking all 3 wins.
he was starting 7th on the grid for the final and had to really pick up the pace in really dreadful conditions. He had a great start Alex had had an engine problem Hawkey had taken the early lead but Dom was up to 4th catching the leaders. He was right on 3rd place bumper and had pulled a gap from the trailing karts. He was pushing hard but made a mistake and ended up on the grass. He was back to 6th but within a few corners got back to 4th. With a mistake from the 2nd place driver Reggie Dughy he was up to 3rd. He was clearly catching the local club driver in second but with only one lap remaining could not make up that place. Hawkey had a great win but again Dom put in faster laps than everyone except Reggie Dughy who was an amazing 8 tenths faster than anyone in the wet. Dom completed the podium places with a great drive if but for that mistake he may of won the race who knows. What was very good to see is how wel;l the Kart was he looked like he had more grip than anyone else apart from Reggie in the final. He looked to have more power than the rest even though he was not on his best engine. Goes to show that the testing we have done with the carbs has made a massive difference. We were really happy with tyhe final and it was clear to see that we can mix it with the big teams even at tracks we have not been to. The little secret we have with setting the carbs up is simple but effective, we proved that by being the fastest out there, more work and experience from the driver will see db racing at the front.