Dom went out in the cadet for the first time at rye house wednesday just gone. He done really well but to be honest when I picked him up from school he said he did'nt really want to go karting. i explained that we really need some laps before the weekend and we wont get another chance before Saturday, normally I would not take him if he didn't fancy it as it would be a waste of time.
He did however get a lesson from some of the more experienced driver's on the circuit. He was fast down the straight and the bottom corner upto the hair pin. Although he had been shown the way to drive it in the Bambino which is not a different line in the cadet but he just needs to brake harder before he turns in. Anyway he was not and was going wide on the hair pin and losing speed and power driving out, they of course were not and were taking him every time. To be honest he was the 3rd fastest there out of sat 10 12 karts but was way behind the pace of the quicker boys.

It is not all bad because we noticed two contributing factors, that would also make the difference.

1) Dominic has 17 kilos of lead on his Kart the other boys had none

2) the other boys were set up for that track Dom was set up for PFI they were also in Honda 4 strokes not Comer 2 stroke, so Rye house does actually suite 4 stroke better.

For Dom to compete against them we need next time to give him a bit more grunt out of the corners, say a 94 sprocket, and he will need to get the corners bang on to carry the speed and engine rev's out of the tight corners.

As for the lead nothing we can do, but Mick Barrett explained to me that we could run him with no lead and he would look fast when testing against the other boys, but when it came to proper racing he would have to make the weight so he would not be use to it and be at the back of the grid. This is important if he gets quick with the lead on which is basically having 2 dominics in the kart so alot more for the engine to pull, then the boys practicing without lead will be no where near him in proper races.That would be very nice to see that way round certainly do not want it to happen to Dom like that.