Ladies and Gentlemen, last night was fantastc to watch, he was overtaikng and lapping every kart  on the track.
he was also the only comer powered cadet there. Rye House is more suited to Honda cadets than comer. When driving a honda powered engine you can get away with skidding round corners as the engine is much lower rev's and has a lot of bottom end grunt. With comer you have to carry the speed into and out of the corners to keep the revs up. They are much harder to drive than honda. Lots of kids start in Honda cadet, but we did not see the point as after cadet they move up to a two stroke mini max. Now they have to learn how to carry the speed around the corners rather relying on grunt. Although honda engines are cheaper to run and it is a very big class most of the good drivers in future classes come from comer simply because they learn how to drive with far more skill.
This is why last night for the first time at rye house Dominic Bush was easly beating number 88 who has always been beating Dom in the past when he was there.You could see that Dom was really the most sklled driver on the track. the time in the seat is paying off. Just a couple more things to get sorted preparring for next years racing.