We took Dom to the Cadet Club at Rye house for the first time. What a good club with Bambino's and Cadets out on the track together. It was raining and the track was wet, Dom came in after 10 laps or so and said "it,s no good I keep skeeding on every corner. Steve came over and asked what the matter was so Dom told him. Steve said to Dom, any driver can look good in the dry Dom the track is as hard as it can be you are on slicks with a half wet track. What sort of driver do you want to be. Dom said The best. Go and practice then and show me that you are. He done great he was in his Bambino because he has that race at buckmore coming up. He was lapping at 54 seconds on a 950 meter track which is quick lapping lots of cadets and other Bambino's. Steve wanted to help Dom after cadet club was finnished on one corner. Thanks steve that was really nice of you. He said you can leave him out there for a while if you like, so we did and he had the track all to himself.

Steve and Tom at rye house were standing on the track for Dom to drive round for a while. Both said to lisa he is the fastest Bambino we have ever seen he will blow that engine up trying to go faster.

So Dominic did learn alot last night, he learnt a real valuable lesson, Slow into tight corners fast out especially in the wet.