Dominic went along to the first ever buttons club at whilton mill track wednesday night. To support Daz Beavers in this new and exciting race club. The buttons club was were Dom sarted which used to be held at PFI and run by Gary Walker. The Buttons Club helped Dom to learn how rolling starts were done and racing lines and race craft prior to him even being old enough to race.

Daz Beavers is doing just that at whilton mill and is in talks with pfi to restart the club that sadly stopped at the end of last year. Since it was the first one ever and the weather was pretty bad the turn out was pretty good with 7 or 8 bambinos and 4 or 5 cadets.Support the racing for buttons it is good for the sport and you never know a future F1 champion may come from racing for buttons. Every other wednesday is owner driver and it starts from 4pm to 8 pm so plenty of track time for the kids.then the follwing week young drivers can go down and try karting for the first time on the racing for buttons own karts.