Dom, went to rowrah for the o plate this weekend. Dom was a little off in testing despite the fact that 6 weeks earlier he came second to Jonny Edgar and had the fastest lap of the race. However altough the team felt it was Dom's driving I felt it was our test engine which to be fair to Dom who has given me the same feedback twice now I beleived it was engine. As soon as we put the race engine on he went atleast a second faster and to be honest regardless he looked better. So supers this weekend back at Rowrah. Looking to try a few different engines in the hope that they will be closer to his test engine.

Time qualifying was poor as we were miles of but it was wet and we were on the wrong gearing but qualified 11th on grid.
the two heats he drove well but only managed a 9th and an 11th place.

so starting 11th for prefinal. a great drive getting up to 6th but then a silly holding on around the outside see Dom come of and finished 17th. So starting at the back for the final. A reasonable drive but was fighting with all the back runners and ended up 12th. 

Dom was very lucky weekend having Jack Harvey spannering for him, who taught Dom alot to which you could see on track. So to be honest without that mistake it could have been a different story starting 4th or 5th on grid and having a real chance as Dom turns it on when he feels like it. and being at the front would have made him more determined for sure.