The NKRA looked to be a good championship to go in this year because of superone we had to enter the Northern Championships, We went to the first round at three sisters and won first time at the track, we went to the second meeting and won,it was a big grid at three sisters but we never knew who was in the championship and who was not to be honest. We decided not to bother with any more and maybe do the final if need be. the answer is that due to the lack of entries Dom won anyway based on the first 2 races. The final is to be held later this year when all regions come together for the national title. We may or may not compete in the final as it would depend if there was a big enough race.

But hey he has won a great trophy and title regardless, he dont care he is the Champion. I strongly urge other Karters to look at the NKRA because it is a National Championship which is run alongside club meetings, it has been around for a while and the truth is that some top names have won this in the past. It is just £60.00 to enter then of course you choose the 3 regions you want to compete in the top place finishers in each region then go on to the national grand final.