Dominic has had nearly 2 months off now, with a Christmas holiday in Thailand and plenty of time to look at what he wants to do in racing he wants to go back racing at top level.
I am not going to go into the details but for sure he wants to race, with his eleventh birthday just around the corner, I must say that he has been very mature in his thinking and the way he has handled himself regarding this. The good news is that the break in Thailand showed that the real Dom is back, not the sad little Dom, who was struggling to come to terms with the death of his Auntie
who could not be bothered with Karting School or anything to be honest.

As I am sure most of you who know us would agree, we are not glory hunters in Karting, it would have been easy for Dom last year to fight for a club championship or two. But we have always said that if you are going to race you need to do it at the top even if you come last, if you want to be the best you need to beat the best. So again we have no desire in 2015 to try and pick up a PFI trophy when all the top drivers are some where else, or at shenny or whilton, it is Superone all the way be it top 10 or bottom 10.

Just one other decision to be made, will we do LGM or Kart Stars? of course LGM will have bigger grids, but to me I feel that there is to much room for lets say drivers to bend the rules. Of course we don/t mind getting beat just as long as it is fair. With Kart Stars it would appear a lot more controlled and more as a driver performance championship, but of course the cost is an issue that will hold back the grid size.

We will talk to Peter Budd, Dom's driver coach and make a decision, what also worries me about the LGM, is the amount of young novice drivers at the front and that as good as they may be, with large grids behind them, it could cause a lot of first corner incidents with the front middle and back format. Qualifying would be better so that the faster drivers are at the forefront, not battling to get through the lets say less experienced drivers. I know it is an argument both sides and to be honest I agree that the LGM format is good  and all the top drivers need to do the same but to win I think you have to rely on Lady luck just that bit more than with say Super One. It is not easy to avoid first corner incidents especially if you are in the middle to back of the grid, that could ruin your race.