Dominic bush has now passed his arks test and is ready to race next year.
he passed the arks test in terrible weather gale force winds and in really heavy rain. He showed on the track that he was in control and drove fast and tidy enough for the examinar to pass him. he then went to do the written paper which he passed 100%.
It has been a funny 6 months with the testing we have had a couple of big crashes and Dominic has battled with the fear of that. Looking back this little boy has learnt alot this year and the last 8 weeks has really worked hard on the track. This hard work is paying off and although he is not quite at the pace of the super one drivers he is not far off.

he wants to win so bad that next year fingers crossed that he starts as he has finnished this year,
 he knows that he is not the quickest at the moment but say's I will be one day, a big bold statement from Dom especially since there are a lot of good kids out there.

As we go forward, we will not forget the help we have had in the past, we will always promote the buttons club at PFI run by Gary, Rob and the crew, without that club, Dom would have no idea of the rolling starts, it is fantastic what they do and they give up there time for free. Lets be honest the first race at tattershall showed that Dom was no ordinary Novice and that is down to the buttons scheme and of course Mick Barrett racing.  Dominic will miss the buttons club next year but things must move forward.