Another Trophy for Dom at the first round of PFI championship last weekend, after putting in fastest lap after fastest lap it was obvious that by not doing little green man it will not hold him back at superone. With his lap times as quick on the day as the top runners in LGM he really showed his class. However his starts left him with so much work to do in every heat. He was fastest in the last 2 heats and the final but could not turn that speed into a win. His starts are now becoming a bigger problem than we thought and he must improve this area, he seems to wait for an accident before he decides to start racing. When he starts he is unbelievable but he has gave such a head start to the leaders that he simply can not claw that gap back, even being almost 7 tenths a lap faster. So a 3rd place trophy for Dom first ever podium at PFI so well done mate.