About 2 weeks ago myself and Mick Barrett watched  Dominic out on the track with one of the fastest kids in the country.
Dom was about 4 seconds a lap away from him. We said if we can get that down to 2 seconds in the next 6 months we would be really happy.
well after a great session at whilton tuesday  we were at shennington thursday.Another great session and Dominic showed us just how good he really can be. He knocked it of to just 1.3 seconds against the same kid.
Now that is still a second or so off but at this level if we can find another 6 tenths which is quite easy we will surely be almost on the super one pace. Which would be a massive acheivement for Dominic in his first year.

He is testing again at shenny on saturday and his first race sunday. He made me really proud and on his Birthday.
 I think if Dom can just realise how good he really is we will see that time come down. We are putting alot of this down to the press ups and exercising he has been committed to recently.